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Dates: December 19-22, 2011

Submission of Full Length Paper

Instructions to Authors

1. Manuscripts should be single-spaced size 5" x 7.5" (width x height) with “Time New Roman” Font size 10. The paper should be divided into sections, numbered by Arabic numerals and with suitable short verbal titles. Pages should be lightly numbered at the bottom. Running titles should be given.
2. An abstract of around 200 words should be included, as well as between five and eight keywords.
3. Paragraphs should be indented five spaces.
4. The name and full postal address of each author should be given immediately below the title of the paper along with e-mail.
5. Equations should be centered, with identifying numbers in parentheses.
6. Tables should be inserted in the text as close to the point of reference as possible.
7. Figures and tables should be numbered consecutively.
8. References should be indicated in the text by author’s name(s) and the year of publication in parentheses. All references should also be arranged alphabetically at the end of the paper. For a specimen of reference style click here.

The full length paper should not exceed 20 pages.

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